I currently hold the position of Assistant Research Fellow (a.k.a. Research Assistant Professor) at the School of Journalism and Communication, Nanjing University (NJU). Within this role, I am actively involved as a core member of the Computational Communication Collaboratory.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Communication in 2022 from the Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong (CityU). During this journey, I had the privilege of benefiting from substantial intellectual inspiration within the Web Mining Laboratory, founded and coordinated by the esteemed ICA Fellow Prof. Jonathan J. H. Zhu.

Throughout my graduate studies, I received comprehensive training from interdisciplinary scholars (e.g., social scientists and network scientists), which equipped me with the skills and knowledge to become a proficient computational social scientist. My scholarly contributions have been recognized through the publication of peer-reviewed research articles in prestigious social science journals, including New Media & Society and American Psychologist, known for their significant impact in the field.